Here Are Qualities That Make the Best Hair Extensions

Beautiful woman long hair

The use of wigs and hairpieces is a practice that dates back to the Cleopatra era. It is the continued search for beauty by women that gave birth to the vibrant hair industry we have today. The sky is truly the limit in the 21st century for any lady that desires to add volume and length of their hair. Achieving hair of glamorous texture and length has become easy as a duck takes to water. Even so, it is important to know how to get quality hair extensions.

Human Hair

Human hair extensions are the way to go, compared to synthetic ones. In addition to human hair being durable, it additionally looks like the real thing, and will be treated as such. With synthetic hair, heat (irons or blow drying) and swimming, are no go zones – so annoying, isn’t it?

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy is a term referring to bundling of human hair to ensure the ends and roots stay in the right direction. Since the strands’ cuticles never get caught against each other, remy hair extensions are in most cases tangle free. Remy is also considered to offer the highest quality since the strands are picked one at a time.

Seamless Hair Extensions

Rather than being placed close to your hairline, a seamless 1 piece hair extension stays near your head creating the illusion that this is not an extension, but your real hair. In order to get the best result, ensure that your extension goes along with your hair’s natural direction. Good news is that heat, that could damage your hair, is not needed.

Color Should Match

Failing to get the correct hair color is a typical error people make when buying hair extensions. Finding the right shade is rather easy considering hair extension manufacturers have a wide range of colors to offer their clients. Proper color matching ensures that the appropriate tone and depth is achieved without using other treatments.

Get Your Hands on It

Not even an online search can help you feel the hair on an extension. If for example you are interested in pure Indian hair extensions, visiting the beauty shop will ensure you feel them firsthand before making a purchase. Once you are familiar with a particular hair extension type, you can now order online since you will know what to expect.

That is it! With the above tips, you are now up to date on how to get hair extensions of the highest quality. Obeying them will earn you the bragging rights of the best hair extension in town. Read more about keratin fusions at this link for more information.


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